A welcome message from our Chairman,

So, what is so special about 'Naturist Leisure' I hear you ask?
The answer is that we are normal people who do the same things as anyone else, but without clothes when it's convenient and when it won't cause offence to others.
If you think that this is the sort of lifestyle that you would like to try, or you have tried naturism abroad then please email us at larches.64@gmail.com

We are a family orientated club and we are affiliated the British Naturism and abide by the Naturist Code to which we expect our members to abide by.

Our swimming sessions are open to new members by appointment only, as well as member of other BN clubs and individual BN members and any club/BN members who are on or passing through on holiday. Please make contact with us before attending any of our sessions. Current photo ID and club/BN membership are essential.


Larches is a long established club; in 2014 we celebrated our 50th anniversary. Originally, Larches was a landed club with a site near Wellington, but by the 1970s we were no longer able to use this site. Over the years we have held swimming sessions at Burnham, Exeter, Street and Taunton. We now hold 2 monthly swimming sessions at Exeter and Street.